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When Shopping for an Apple Goes Bad

Wannabe MC declares his love for fellow Mac lover with a little help from Apple



    When Shopping for an Apple Goes Bad
    Fatty Spins is getting a lot of views. Is he good, or just disturbingly watchable?

    If Eminem was shorter, wore glasses and had a fetish for Steve Jobs, he would be Fatty Spins.

    Fatty Spins is a New York-based wannabe MC and technically he has a partner but in the latest parody production the self proclaimed Apple lover flies solo and makes fun of a little kid's organic fame.

    Spins recently set up shop at New York City's controversial Apple Store on 5th Avenue and professed his undying love for Steve Jobs and his wonder products in rap form, using one of Apple's demo computers.

    Eight days and 526,890 YouTube views later, Fatty Spins is an Internet sensation or an absolute loser in dire need of a hobby. You decide.