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Twitter Users Do It In the Car

Survey notes that Twitter users send texts while driving twice as often as other social networkers



    Twitter Users Do It In the Car
    Jeremy Keith
    It's only a matter of time until someone tweets "Oh noes, I just ran over a pedestrian."

    As if American roads weren't dangerous enough already, you'll now have to keep an eye out for Twitter users.

    That's because the service is checked more often while driving than other sites, such as Facebook, according to a recent survey by research firm Crowd Science.

    In California, talking on your cell phone without a hands-free device is now illegal -- but posting updates to Twitter? Still fair game.

    With its concentration of techies and drivers, the news doesn't bode well for Twitter's hometown of San Francisco, which already leads the nation in pedestrian fatalities from car accidents.

    So please, don't tweet and drive.

    You might run over a Twitter engineer, and where would that leave Twitter addicts?

    Photo by Jeremy Keith.

    Jackson West Twitters safely on the bus.