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Speeders Unlikely to Evade Cordon Photo Radar System

Photo-rader watches up to 32 cars across four lanes



    Speeders Unlikely to Evade Cordon Photo Radar System
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    The Cordon system in action.

    Police across America could soon be armed with a new photo radar system that catches darn near every speeder on the road. Literally.

    The Cordon system has been designed to catch speeders who try to hide in traffic and avoid being caught by traditional radar and laser guns.

    The system uses two cameras, one shooting a wide angle shot and another shooting close ups of license plates to track up to 32 cars across a 4-lane highway.

    The program then uses images from both cameras, along with radar, to determine who is abiding by the law and who is breaking it with reckless abandon.

    You have to check out the video below. Cars in green are the good drivers while those tagged in yellow are the ones slightly breaking the speed limit.  Those in red are the scofflaws that pose a danger to themselves and everyone else around them.

    The system can even detect cars driving illegally in bus, HOV or other restricted lanes as well as any driver driving on the wrong side of the road. (See their spec. sheet here.)

    While a radar detector may help alert heavy-footed drivers to the presence of the radar, the low-profile system may lure them into a false sense of security when no police cars are spotted.  Read that as you may still get busted if you don't slow down.  Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

    Some departments could start seeing the Cordon system as early as Jan., 2012.