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Social Media Helps Catch Denton Most-Wanted

Police department uses Facebook page to locate its most wanted



    Denton Police say they are using social media to track down the city's most wanted, and the modern approach to crime fighting is paying off with several arrests. (Published Monday, April 2, 2012)

    Denton police have arrested eight people after posting their most-wanted list on Facebook.

    Spokesman Officer Ryan Grelle said the department is posting photos of people with warrants out for their arrests on its Facebook page.

    "We broke it down into two categories, most-wanted felony cases and most-wanted misdemeanor cases," he said.

    Since the program started in February, police have made eight arrests from Facebook leads.

    "A lot of people are on Facebook or on Twitter, and they can be our extra eyes for us," Grelle said. "We can't be everywhere at one time."

    He said there may even be a reward for turning someone in.

    "We let it be known to them and their friends that, 'Hey, if you are wanting some extra money, turn this person in, and we will be more than happy to give it to you,'" Grelle said.

    Denton police said people can send them a direct message on Facebook if they have any information. The department will keep tipsters' names anonymous.

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