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Pesky Apps Won't Leave Apple Alone

iPhone maker set to deal with another competitor in the wake of Google Voice ban



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    Rhapsody has an app ready for the iPhone but will Apple let it through?

    If Apple skeptics wanted a litmus test to see if the company really did conspire against Google, they may have their wish soon.

    While Apple is still clearing the smoke from the FCC inquiry into why it blocked Google Voice from its popular app store, another competitor is redying a potentially problematic app of its own.

    RealNetworks is preparing an iPhone app for its popular Rhapsody music service, which The New York Times calls a direct competitor to Apple's iTunes.

    Rhapsody allows music lovers to listen to almost any song they desire on a computer or a portable player for $14.99 a month. RealNetworks says its app streams music via a Wi-Fi network or a cellular data connection, like the 3G network that comes with new iPhones. It will also work over the EDGE network.

    The twist of the app? If users want to own a song they hear on Rhapsody, they will be connected to iTunes.