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New iPhone App Breaks Down Census Data



    A Dallas man fascinated by U.S. Census data has developed a new iPhone app designed to tell users detailed information about people in their city and across the nation -- all in just a few clicks.

    Digging through Census data to learn more about the people around you can be intimidating.

    "It has been a real pain in the butt for all kinds of organizations," Edward Rincon, president of market research firm Rincon & Associates, said. "So I decided perhaps it's time for a simple solution."

    Rincon developed an iPhone app called Populus USA, which breaks down Census information into simple categories, like top 20 states ranked by different racial groups and the median income of people in DFW.

    "It's basically going to make decision making a little faster, a little easier, and certainly more reliable," Rincon said.

    Don't just believe the statistics you hear, which can be wrong or outdated, Rincon claims. Instead, he suggests using his app to do your own fact-checking on the go.

    "The year 2000 Census data is still being used by smaller cities or by some government agencies," he said.

    "I work for a homebuilder, so I know it'd be good for us to see in certain areas how many people are in that area, what that demographic is," Alicia Schwarze, of Denton, said.

    Populus USA is available on the Apple App Store for $4.99 per year. The data is updated annually with Census statistics from the American Community Survey.