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Facebook Successfully Sues Another Spammer

Judge awards Facebook $711 million, but that's only the second-largest amount the company has been awarded



    Facebook Successfully Sues Another Spammer
    Tara Hunt
    Sending spam on Facebook could get you sued for millions, or even sent up the river.

    If you build it online, they will spam -- but Facebook has been fighting back against those that would send you offers for erectile dysfunction medication.

    In a lawsuit brought in San Jose, Facebook has been awarded $711 million in damages against Sanford Wallace.

    The company had accused Wallace of accessing other users accounts in order to send promotional marketing messages to other users.

    It's the second time that Facebook has earned a mind-boggling award in a spam lawsuit, with an earlier case against Atlantis Blue Capital netting $873 million.

    However, before you exclaim, "hey, this could be a business model for Twitter," a lawyer for Facebook admits they probably won't see most of the money.

    Wallace might end up in jail after the judge charged him with contempt of court, in which case, he'd have an even harder time paying out those damages.

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    Jackson West thinks California's CAN-SPAM law is great, but where the law against people who put autoplay music loops on their Web site?