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Earn Airline Miles While You Shop Online



    Airlines websites aren't just for booking your next flight, many offer deals for goods and services while earning miles. (Published Monday, Dec. 16, 2013)

    If you like to shop from the comfort of your keyboard, travel experts recommend using an airline shopping portal. Most of the major airlines, including American, United, Delta and Southwest provide a link on their website to hundreds of retailers.

    Shoppers who are members of the airline’s loyalty program can link to the retailer through the airline’s portal. Shoppers are awarded free miles when they make a purchase.

    "If you're going to shop online, never ever ever go to the retailer’s website. You always go through the online shopping portal," said Brian Kelly of Thepointsguy.com. "It's just a link on these websites. So in addition to getting the points for using the debit or credit card, you also get points for clicking through the link. It's like a no brainer. It's the easiest thing.”

    Kelly adds that shoppers can use the credit card of their choice as well as any coupons provided by the retailer. Shoppers earn miles for every dollar spent at the retailer of their choice.