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Robotic Dog Does Dishes, Plays Fetch

The mechanical canine weighs about 55 pounds and looks like a cross between a dog and giraffe



    A new robotic pup does a lot of things real dogs are known for — it plays fetch, hides under the dinner table and even cleans up dirty dishes — only without the slobber.

    Boston Dynamics, a Massachusetts-based robotics company, unveiled the SpotMini robotic dog in a YouTube video on Thursday.

    The mechanical canine looks like a cross between a dog and giraffe, weighs about 55 pounds and, according to Boston Dynamics, is one of the quietest the company has ever built.

    Boston Dynamics' larger Spot robot made headlines in February when the company posted footage of an interaction between the robot and a tiny terrier.

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    (Published Tuesday, March 1, 2016)

    In the latest video, SpotMini can be seen performing a variety of tasks, including fetching a soda for a person, playing keep-away with the same drink and loading dishes into the dishwasher.

    The pup also climbs stairs and slips on a banana peel at one point. But the video shows the robot is able to quickly right itself.

    According to Gizmodo, SpotMini can be taught to perform tasks autonomously, like a real dog.

    The only downside? It doesn't look like you can adopt one of these robotic Rovers.

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