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Bookstore Offers Free Charge for Electric Cars



    Bookstore Offers Free Charge for Electric Cars
    CalCars/ChargePoint Network

    I wonder if there is anyone alive that remembers the first gas station being built in Dallas-Fort Worth.  I looked around, but wasn't able track down anything except for references to the first in the U.S., which was reportedly built in 1905 in St. Louis. Not Detroit? Hmm.

    Anyway, on to the point of this story, which is that Dallas is getting its first retail charging station for electric cars.

    Interestingly enough, the charging station is not being added to an existing gas station, but rather a Half Price Books store.  The one on the 5800 block of Northwest Highway to be precise.  And, the charge is free -- until Sept. 2011 anyhow.

    The retailer will hold a news conference on Wednesday, where they will unveil the charging station.

    "Since we were founded in 1972, Half Price Books has taken great pride in being a green company that recycles resources," said Kathy Doyle Thomas, executive vice president of Half Price Books. "We are pleased we can have this offering for electric vehicle owners in the Dallas area and are proud to lead the charge to make North Texas one of the top green regions in the country."

    The charging station is part of the ChargePoint Network, a growing global network of charging locations that offers green drivers a place to charge their cars when out and about.