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WWF App Gets 10 Points for Genius



    WWF App Gets 10 Points for Genius
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    Are you addicted to Words with Friends? More than a few people at NBCDFW are obsessed with the interactie Scrabble app.

    Are you addicted to Words with Friends? More than a few people at NBCDFW are obsessed with the interactive Scrabble-like app.

    If you don't have an iPhone or an iTouch, you probably don't understand the fascination, but iPhone users can tell you, the game is addictive.

    So who's to blame for all wacky wordplay? Newtoy of McKinney, or to be more specific Paul and David Bettner. (We learned about Newtoy from FrontBurner.)

    The Bettner brothers are the brains behind the game-making company. Along with their cousin, the Bettners started the company after Microsoft laid them off. The Apple's smart phone was just launching.
    "We looked at that opportunity and we said, 'You know what? This is it. It's time to go start our own thing and take on the iPhone,'" said Paul Bettner, Creative Director of Newtoy.

    Meet the Men Behind WWF

    [DFW] Meet the Men Behind WWF
    They're the men behind Words with Friends, the addictive word play app from Newtoy, their office is in a converted flour mill in historic downtown McKinney.
    (Published Sunday, April 11, 2010)

    So, in July of 2009, Newtoy released the Words With Friends app.  Within a couple of months, it was viral, and now, it's one of the top downloaded apps out there.
    "One person in an office might get it, or one person in a school, and a week later the entire office might be playing it. We've seen that happen a number of times," said Paul Bettner.

    Thanks to the chat feature players can rib each other during play. "Lot's of smack talking," said David. "We had to put chat in just for that feature!"

    The list of titles from Newtoy include the Age of Empires series, Halo Wars for Xbox 360, and Chess with Friends which was voted 2008's Best Free or Ad Supported Game.

    So what about Words with Friends? It got the 2009's Best App Ever Award for Best Word Game, Best Board Game and Best Multiplayer Game to name a few. It was also voted the No. 1 favorite app in 2009 by Wired.

    In less than a year, the WWF has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times and counting.

    And as if the craziness of Words with Friends (as we lovingly call it WWF, not to be confused with World Wrestling Federation) wasn't enough, The company just released a Words with Friends HD app for the iPad. They get way more than 10 points for GENIUS!

    This won't be the last you hear of Newtoy, the company  is working on new "Games with Friends" titles, though the Bettners say WWF will be hard to top. 

    We have to go now, it's our turn in three of the nine WWF games we have under way. Amateur we know, some of you have the maximum 20 games going.

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