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At SXSW, Gadgets Sweep Tech World



    At SXSW, Gadgets Sweep Tech World
    Charlie L. Harper III/KXAN

    SXSW Interactive Festival showcased the newest gadgets to sweep the tech world.

    "It was a glimpse of the future," said SXSW attendee Alex Slotkin. "With the iPhone and smart phone, you see where all this is heading."

    Laser projectors are one of the newest innovations at the Interactive Festival.

    "Different sensors like GPS radars, multitouch interfaces can be combined to enable totally new experiences for people," said Ben Averch, Microvision Global product marketing manager.

    The Show WX Laser Pico Projector can display videos and pictures on any surface, and it is always in focus no matter how far away the laser is to the surface.

    But it is not the only futuristic innovation showcased at the SXSW Interactive Festival. Another gadget will literally change the way we view the world.

    "What Microvision is developing is a see-through eyewear with a laser-based display, so wherever you go, virtual information can be superimposed on your field of view," said Averch.

    The military is already using the high-tech eyewear, but Microvision wants to bring its eyewear to the public.

    "You could be walking around in a new town, and with the Microvision eyewear technology, you could follow a virtual arrow to your destination," said Averch.

    Many SXSW attendees liked what they saw.

    "Well, we're all geeks," said Slotkin. "A lot of us wouldn't think twice about putting a funky pair of glasses on our heads."

    Experts said these visionary gadgets will be available in the near future.

    "I'd suggest within five years you'll see this sort of eyewear and augmented reality type of applications," said Averch.

    Mary Lee writes for in Austin.