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3G vs. 4G in DFW



    The 4G race is up and running in North Texas.

    MetroPCS announced Wednesday that it is launching its 4G service and first 4G phone in the Metroplex. The Samsung Craft can stream videos from the Web, download at fast speeds and, oh, even make a phone call.

    Tom Keys, MetroPCS COO, said he's excited about his company's entrance into the 4G race and with the technology itself.

    "This is the genesis," he said. "Where it takes off to, where it ends, I can't tell you."

    The Battle of 3G vs. 4G

    [DFW] The Battle of 3G vs. 4G
    North Texans will have more choices when it comes to cell phone service as AT&T expands 3G wireless service and Metro PCS lanches commercial 4G service.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010)

    Earlier this month,  AT&T announced it had completed a $850 million upgrade of its 3G network in North Texas.

    The company doesn't have a 4G phone yet, but officials say they are testing the system in North Texas and plan to roll it out in 2011.

    "Whether you're on Twitter and checking that out on your phone or whether you're checking the latest sports scores, you have the ability to do that really quickly, and 4G is going to bring that capacity even faster," said Meredith Adams, of AT&T public relations firm Fleishman Hillard.

    She said the company is in the process of adding more towers and improving the network for customers.

    But do consumers really know what cell phone companies are talking about when it comes to 3G and 4G?

    "I would assume 4G is better because it's a bigger number," Loren Beatty said. "But that's all I know about it."

    "Honestly, probably not; I wouldn't be able to tell the difference," Ann Gordon said.

    Neither Richardson-based MetroPCS nor Dallas-based AT&T wanted to get specific about how fast their speeds are.