Your Likely Cowboys Pro Bowl Roster

The Pro Bowl rosters are officially released Tuesday. Now remember, the Pro Bowl is taking place the week BEFORE the Super Bowl this year, so you should remember to ignore it two weeks early this go round. Also, it won’t be taking place in Hawaii, so you won’t have to tune in to SportsCenter and see Berman and the gang yukking it up in a bunch of Tommy Bahama shirts on the set from some Hyatt resort, having the time of their lives on ESPN’s dime, while you’re back home, cursing them all to early graves.

This year’s Pro Bowl will be taking place in Miami. And, since it’s the week before the Super Bowl, the two teams playing in the big game will obviously have no representatives on either squad playing. If you’re the sort of football fan who cares deeply if people from your team get Pro Bowl recognition (and deep down, all of us are), this matters. Because it means that Tony Romo will probably get a chance to make the Pro Bowl.

The obvious NFC starter at QB will be Drew Brees of the Saints. My guess is that the two other spots will be filled by Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Romo, despite his excellent season, is likely the odd man out of the group. But all four of the aforementioned QB’s will be participating in the NFC playoffs (and, in fact, the other two playoff QB’s – Donovan McNabb and Kurt Warner – also merit consideration for the all-star game). So if the Saints make the Super Bowl, then that opens up an extra slot for the likes of Romo. What’s that? You’d prefer Romo be playing in the Super Bowl and not the Pro Bowl? Well, you certainly are the greedy type, mister.

Who else from Big D will be named to the Pro Bowl today? Here are the betting man’s picks:

Miles Austin: Leads the conference in receiving yards, and is third in touchdowns (Larry Fitz and Vernon Davis are tied for first). He’s in.

Jason Witten: Vernon Davis deserves to start at TE in the NFC. The other spot will be up for grabs between Witten Kitten, Tony Gonzalez, and Brent Celek. Despite just scoring once this year and ruining your fantasy team, I say Witten’s yardage and reception totals get him in.

Roy Williams: Just kidding. Roy still sucks.

Jay Ratliff: He’s been brilliant all year, and he deserves to get in over bigger name players like Kevin Williams of the Vikings.

DeMarcus Ware: Despite the slow start, Ware will be rewarded for his performance against New Orleans alone. He’s a Pro Bowl perennial at this point.

Mike Jenkins: I think Charles Woodson and Asante Samuel will get the starting nods at corner, but Jenkins could easily sneak in as a backup, or an alternate. He’s played well enough to deserve it, far more than Terence Newman.

I think all of the Cowboys other linebackers are worthy of consideration of being including on the Pro Bowl roster, especially Anthony Spencer. But I think the unit’s cohesion, and the perennial inclusion of Ware, will end up hurting the chances of Spencer, Bradie James, and Keith Brooking. It’s hard to pick a standout from that trio, so I don’t think voters will be careful enough to do so.

So that’s who will probably end up representing your Cowboys in the Pro Bowl: a robust six players. If you’re lucky, perhaps that number will turn out to be zero.

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