Witten Wants Murray to Remember Him

Unless DeMarco Murray is handed the franchise tag this offseason, which isn't too likely considering Jerry Jones' apparent desire to either not use it at all or give it to Dez Bryant, it seems Murray will almost certainly have a decision to make this offseason on whether to stay in Dallas or go elsewhere.

One thing's for certain: The league's top running back in 2014 will get a better contract offer from some team other than the Cowboys, it'll just be up to him to decide what he wants to do — go for the biggest payday or stick around to finish what he helped the Cowboys start this season.

Before you go off on Murray for the idea of chasing a payday, keep this mind: The deal Murray signs this offseason will be his one shot at a big contract. That's just a simple truth for the life of an NFL running back given their relatively short shelf life.

But at least one of Murray's teammates hopes he doesn't solely base his decision on money.

"You want to see him maximize that but there’s no question that I hope he’s thinking about guys like me when he’s going through that decision," Witten told ESPN Dallas.

You get the sense Witten understands Murray's position and wants what's best for him, but he also wants what's best for him, which would be having a 2014 Murray season again in 2015.

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