With Kellen Moore Out, Here's a List of Free Agent Quarterbacks the Cowboys Might Consider

Rookie Dak Prescott is now the team's backup QB, but the Cowboys might add a veteran too.

With Kellen Moore out for the foreseeable future, the Cowboys may want to consider signing a veteran quarterback to backup Tony Romo. Considering No. 9's injury history, the team can no longer ignore the backup quarterback position.

At the moment with Moore gone, 4th round rookie draft pick Dak Prescott is the No. 2 quarterback in camp followed by Jameill who is more of a "project." This is Showers' second year with the Cowboys. These two may have potential, but it won't make the coaches sleep well knowing they're the next man up.

So who could the Cowboys turn to for help? Here's a list of free agent quarterbacks the team could sign right now, but they'll likely wait to see who gets cut after the pre-season:

Nick Foles: The L.A. Rams cut Foles the week before training camp started. The Rams drafted Jared Goff with the 1st overall pick in the NFL draft and the rookie from California is the team's future. Foles played well at times for Chip Kelly when he was with the Philadelphia Eagles, but few teams are banging on his door these days. However, with the Moore injury, Foles might be the Cowboys best bet considering he has NFL experience.

Johnny Manziel: He's available, but ummmmm no! Jerry Jones has had dreams of Johnny Football in a Cowboys jersey for years, but he's on record saying that Manziel needs to get things right off the field. I doubt the Cowboys even mention him as a potential candidate, but it's Jerry Jones. So who knows?

Jimmy Clausen: Could he be a NFL starter? No. Could he be a serviceable backup? Juuuuust maybe. Clausen has bounced around from Carolina to Chicago and most recently Baltimore. The former Notre Dame gun-slinger has limited arm strength and isn't a locker room favorite, but he's available and healthy. Got to start somewhere!

Matt Flynn: The Cowboys might give this East Texas quarterback a call. Is there such a thing as a "proven backup quarterback?" Flynn might be that guy as he's played for several teams in that role. He's not 31-years-old and there's a reason he's available. Remember that time in 2013 when he beat the Cowboys and tossed four touchdowns and 299 yards?

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Michael Vick: This ain't Virginia Tech Michael Vick, or Atlanta Michael Vick. We're talking about 36-year-old, broken down Michael Vick. I personally don't think he's a fit for this Cowboys offense, but if you're looking for an available veteran with experience you won't find many like Vick.

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