Wilson Leaves Door Open for Baseball

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As we all know, Russell Wilson is baseball property of your Texas Rangers, and he reports to spring training for one day every year, yucks it up with brass and young players and this year even took some cuts in batting practice when he hit one of out of the yard.

It's all seen as a bit of a stunt, as Wilson is coveted for his leadership and ability to talk to the Rangers' young minor leaguers about life and success. But Wilson will never play in the big leagues, right?


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On the newest installment of HBO's Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, Wilson is featured in a piece and talks about his desire to still play two sports. Previously, a couple of famous guys named Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders have pulled off the football/baseball double-dip, but that was a different time and Wilson is a quarterback, which makes his case totally different.

But still, Wilson said he wants to figure out a way to make it work after playing a couple of years in the Colorado Rockies' system when he was in college.

“I never want to kill the dream of playing two sports,” Wilson said in the episode which will premiere next week. “I would honestly play two sports.”

When Gumbel pressed the issue a bit and asked why he has yet to try it, Wilson had an answer for him.

"I don't know," he said. "I may push the envelope a little bit one of these days."

How serious is Wilson? Well, he sounds pretty serious, but it all could be part of a ploy to strike a long-term, high-dollar deal from the Seahawks, at least that's what the folks at Pro Football Talk think.

It's some pretty nice leverage to have. Why would Wilson continue to play at a meager rate, comparatively speaking, for the Seahawks when he could get a baseball deal that would be much more money and much safer for his future?

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