Williams Practicing, Confident After Wrist Injury

Roy Williams returned to practice yesterday, less than 24 hours after an x-ray revealed no structural damage in the receivers' wrist.

Williams displayed no lingering effects from the injury, and said that he would bear the pain through the duration of camp. "My wrist still hurts," Williams said. "But I don't want to be the guy that don't practice because of this or that. I've come too far not to go through camp. We're almost done. So get it over with, go through the pain, catch the football, do what I do."

The former-Pro Bowler's return undoubtedly quelled the fears of many, and though he was quick to remind reporters that he still had some pain in the wrist, he said that he was encouraged by the progress of the injury.

"It's not bad," Williams continued. "It hurt more yesterday than today, so it's getting better. [I] tried to sleep in that cast last night, but I had to take that thing off because it just keeps it stiff. I mean, I got to get some motion in this thing and once it gets going it's good to go."

Which is good for Jerry Jones, who, one gets the feeling, is desperate to make good on that trade last October; Dallas as a team, who are desperate to replace T.O.'s mammoth production; and for sure, Williams himself, who is desperate to prove that he can be a legitimate no. 1 on the biggest stage in football.

Williams, who maintains that he will play on Friday against the Titans at Jerry World, said his confidence got a boost through his decision to practice on Monday.

"My confidence level went sky-high after I caught my first ball," Williams said. "I thought the ball was going to take my hand and break my wrist or something but it didn't. You know, I thank God I got strong hands."

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