Why Nebraska Hates Texas and Has Bolted

Look, the Cornhusker Nation hates the Longhorns.   It’s that simple.

They never liked how Texas changed their academics when the Big 12 conference was formed.  Shoot, Nebraska used to run the Big 8 along with Oklahoma

Things shifted in the Big 12 with Texas calling the shots.

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The league office went from Kansas City to Dallas.  The Big 12 football championship game has a new home down at Cowboys Stadium through 2013.

I was at the title game last year and Cowboys Stadium in Arlington and it was 75 percent burnt orange.  The football mad Husker Nation is ready to move on and get away from Texas calling the shots.  It also didn’t help that the folks in Austin gave Big Red a drop-dead date to stay or go from the Big 12.

Dennis Dodd of sportsline.com has a great column on why Nebraska is decide to go to the Big Ten.  It’s a must read:

Texas and Oklahoma basically created the Big 12. Those schools’ athletic directors went to New York, priced the new league with the networks and advertisers and came away with a winner. Shortly thereafter, Texas mandated there would be no partial qualifiers. Half of the conference revenue split was based on appearances. The conference office left the Big Eight’s ancestral home in Kansas City and moved to Dallas.

It long ago became too Texas-centric for Osborne and Nebraskans. Jerry Jones built a palace of a stadium and recently locked up the Big 12 championship game for the next few years. Perhaps the last indignity was Nebraska losing by a point in December’s title game when it came within a second of beating Texas.

Why did Nebraska go with Big Ten?

It’s a question that everyone is asking and nobody knows better than HuskerIllustrated’s Sean Callahan, who spent some time with me on Thursday morning. Get the latest on the Cornhuskers and how their decisions could impact others. Great stuff, check out the 105.3 The Fan podcast CLICK HERE!

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