When It Comes to Prescott Or Romo, Garrett Reveals Very Little

Jason Garrett isn't ready to announce who the Cowboys starting quarterback will be following the bye week.

After an impressive road win in Green Bay, it's getting harder to deny Dak Prescott an opportunity to be the Cowboys starting quarterback. He's 5-1 and a MVP candidate, while Tony Romo continues to rehab from a back injury.

Following the Packers win, Jason Garrett wasn't ready to commit to either quarterback. A barrage of starting quarterback questions became redundant to the head coach who paused before answering a question and tapped on the press conference microphone asking "does this microphone work?"

"Tony is doing a great job with his rehab. He's worked very hard to come back like he has over the last couple years when he's dealt with these injuries," said Garrett. "A big part of his life right now is spending time with the trainers, our strength coaches and slowly work him back into throwing."

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"In regards to Dak Prescott, his job is to prepare to play. He's been playing quarterback for us for the first six ball games, and he comes to work everyday to prepare, prepare, prepare and then go play on Sunday afternoons and he's done a good job with that," said Garrett.

It seems like most everyone who has an opinion believes that Prescott should be the starting quarterback even when Romo returns, but everyone does not include Garrett and Jerry Jones.

The two have loyalty to Romo, but their job is to win. Therefore, they're both tip-toeing on a fine line with No. 9. In this season of voting, they're very political with how they're handling this "quarterback controversy."

At first, it was "this is Romo's team regardless." Now, it's "this is a wonderful problem to have." That says more about Prescott than it does Romo. The rookie is playing incredible football. Players want to play, despite what they may say publicly. One of these quarterbacks will live with the disappointment of sitting on the sidelines.

There's no need to make a definitive quarterback choice right now, as this is the team's bye week. The Cowboys will practice once this week and Romo isn't expected to participate.

The day to circle is October 26. This is the first day of the work week coming out of the bye. Will Romo practice that day? And if he does, who will take the first team snaps? That practice should reveal how the Cowboys will handle the two quarterbacks moving forward.

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