Welcome to Wrestlemania

We are less than three weeks away from WWE taking over AT&T Stadium in Arlington for Wrestlemania 32.

The complete card is still a work in progress, and there may be changes leading up to April 3, but here’s what we know right now.

World Heavyweight Championship – Triple H vs. Roman Reigns
The WWE has been putting all their eggs in the basket trying to get Reigns over as a babyface (good guy) and it’s not working. That doesn’t fall on Reigns because his booking by the creative team has made no sense whatsoever, and Reigns catches heat because of it. Now remember when talking creative, the final call is made by 70-year old CEO Vince McMahon (Cowboys fans can relate). Triple H is an icon in the business and may be at his best when playing the heel (bad guy), but is now getting over Reigns despite cutting promos every week bashing everything. Reigns does get over with the crowd, just not as a babyface. Because of the way WWE has botched this, there is now debate among the brass whether this will even be the main event, and that speaks volumes.

Street Fight – Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose
This has a shot at being the main event (although the world title match usually ends Mania). Ambrose gets the loudest pops everywhere he goes while cutting solid promos. Honestly having two babyfaces booked like this with no belt in play doesn’t really make sense, who do you want to get over? Do you try to get Lesnar over as a heel since the fans are behind the Ambrose Asylum movement? For whatever reason, the WWE hasn’t really gone full throttle on Ambrose despite the crowd pops and many remain upset that he didn’t win the belt against Triple H at Roadblock. Rumor is there are worries that Ambrose isn’t a main event name yet, but the WWE Universe is saying other-wise. It will be interesting how the storyline plays out the next couple of weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wyatts somehow got involved in the match since the WWE has teased a Brock Lesnar-Bray Wyatt feud since the Royal Rumble.

Hell in a Cell – The Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon
The storyline goes as this: If Shane O’Mac wins, he takes over control of RAW and basically control of the WWE from Vince. This will be the Undertaker’s 14th career Hell in a Cell match (cage match), having won six. Add to the fact that the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania record is 22-1 (losing to Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30) makes it interesting to see where they go with this. If Shane loses, the WWE has sold the angle as business as usual. If Shane wins, changes will be made to the “struggling” company. If the Undertaker loses, does it hurt his Wrestlemania legacy? There may be plenty of twist and turns leading up to Mania and possibly during the match.

Divas Championship – Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch
This was originally expected to be just between Charlotte and Sasha, but Lynch was added over the last couple of weeks to make it a 3-way battle for the Divas title. Charlotte has made this entertaining by selling the match with her promos (alongside her father, the Nature Boy Ric Flair). The crowd pushed for the Sasha feud with her after the Royal Rumble. It should be a high quality match with the three NXT alums, which only makes NXT look better.

The rest of the card for the show and preshow is under construction since you still have the Intercontinental, U.S and Tag Team titles to fit in the picture. The Intercontinental title match might be between the current champ Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn with a third possible contender thrown in. The U.S. title looks like it’s Kalisto against Ryback and the Tag Team Champs New Day could be facing the League of Nations. New Day, along with the Owens and Zayn match, will problem get huge pops from the crowd.

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It’s also looking like AJ Style versus Chris Jericho will be set up at some point. That’s one that could steal the show, especially since many feel like Styles could replace Daniel Bryan as the ultimate fan favorite babyface.

The Rock is also scheduled to show up and, with it being Texas, expect a Stone Cold Steve Austin appearance.

Plenty going on here. So, “Are you not entertained?”

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