Business, Residents Scramble to Get Ready for Parade

For some business owners and residents living in Victory Plaza, news of the Dallas Mavericks victory parade came extremely late.  Now many scramble to get ready for Thursday.

Wednesday, only a handful of cars crawled through the streets of Victory Plaza.  The traffic was pretty much the same inside Neo Pizza, just a stone's throw from the American Airlines Center.

"We're just fortunate to have a championship team here and to be so close to it," said Charles Green, owner of Neo Pizza.

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It came as no surprise to Green that the Mavs victory parade would pass right in front of this restaurant, but the big question was when.

"We got notification of the times of the parade, but not what day," said Green.  "Then I found out from a customer yesterday and as soon as I heard, I ran right back to the kitchen and spoke to our kitchen manager.  Made sure that we were prepared there."

That means extra crews and extra product on hand for what could be a very busy day for the staff at Neo Pizza.  In fact, Green is having all of his employees arrive at the restaurant by 8:00 Thursday morning.  He'll even start wake up calls at 6:00 A.M.

"Should be a long day, but we're getting used to it," said Green.  "We got a little warm up with the playoffs."

But its a totally new game for couple, Liam Woodard and Caroline Thompson; just moving in Wednesday to an apartment in Victory Plaza right off the parade route.

"I think we were watching the news last night and they were talking about the parade and how it would be on North Houston street and we said, 'hey, that's where we live'," said Thompson.  "I guess we'll be staying in tomorrow."

They're hoping their cable service set up appointment won't be canceled tomorrow because of all of the road closures in their area.

"You know how cable companies go," said Woodard.  "If for some reason they can't make it tomorrow it will probably be another month before they can show up so hopefully they can find their way in."

But either way, the couple will have something to watch from the comfort of their new Dallas home.

"Its going to be fun," said Woodard.  "Its going to be a good welcome to our new place."

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