Two Ex-Rangers Land on Hall of Fame Ballot

You never look at Sammy Sosa or Eddie Guardado and think "Texas Ranger," but both players did finish their careers in Rangers uniform.

Now, both players are on the ballot for the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame, and it's quite likely neither ever gains admittance.

Sosa's numbers make him a no-brainer, but his black cloud of PED usage hangs over his head, and he only received 7.2 percent of the vote last year, a drop from the 12.5 percent he got in his first year of eligilbility. This is his third year on the ballot. Remember, a player must get 75 percent of the vote to be inducted into the Hall.

Sosa, who began his career with the Rangers before being traded to the Cubs for Harold Baines, finished his career as a sideshow bit in 2007, hitting 21 home runs, including his 600th in Arlington to finish his career with 609.

Guardado's numbers don't really live up to Hall of Fame status, but he doesn't have the stigma of Sosa. He finished his career with 187 saves, mostly with the Twins, and was known affectionately as "Everyday Eddie," for his ability to throw seemingly every day and never fatigue.

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