Tony Romo's Engaged! Tony Romo's NOT Engaged!

Yesterday, gossip site Gossip Center (it has gossip right in the title!) ran an item saying that Candice Crawford, girlfriend of Cowboys QB Tony Romo, was walking around sporting what appeared, to them, to be an engagement ring. And thus, for roughly seven seconds, there was a whole round of ZOMG! TONY GOT ENGAGED!!!111!!11 WHAT WILL JESS THINK? WILL SHE BE INVITED?!!! WILL SHE CURSE THE WEDDING?!!!

Anyway, if you visit the site, you will see a photo of the ring in question, and… really? That’s supposed to be an engagement ring? Come on, Gossip Center. I expect a random gossip website to employ a bit more sourcing than that. That doesn’t even look like an engagement ring. It looks like something you buy at a Renaissance Faire. Why, it’s almost as if a gossip site is purposely spreading false rumors to boost their page tallies! WHY I NEVER!

The whole upshot of this is that Romo and Crawford are NOT engaged. A source close to us confirmed this when asked, and Crawford’s boss at Channel 33 also shot down the rumor. So there’s no truth to the matter at all. This is the part where you click BORED over on the mood-o-meter.

This is an annoying occurrence for any couple, famous or not, in their late twenties or early thirties. The second you start going out, everyone around you just sits there and stares at you, waiting for you to get engaged. “Are you engaged yet? Are you engaged yet? Are you engaged yet?” And it doesn’t even end when you DO get engaged. No, then you get married, and the kid questions start. Then you have a kid, and the kid #2 questions start. It’s out of hand in our culture. Engagements and babies are pushed on you like meth, and it’s not right.

If I were Tony Romo and Candice Crawford, I’d flee to somewhere that’s far more relaxed about such matters. Like France. Say what you will about the French, but at least they won’t stare at your belly 12 hours day, searching for a bump.

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