WATCH: Goalie Uses Face to Block Shot, Wrestler Flips Out (Literally) and More Viral Tokyo Moments

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There's so much action over the course of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics it's easy to miss a simply strange (or thrilling or silly or otherwise unique) single moment.

We'll keep you posted with all the top viral moments from NBC Olympics. See what we've got so far and check back in throughout the Games to see what happens next!

U.S. Water Polo Goalie Uses His Face to Block Shot

Way to use your head!

In a match between the United States and Italy, the U.S.' goalie defends Italy's penalty shot with his forehead. Based off his reaction, he seemed more than fine — he seemed pumped up about the epic save.

The save proved crucial, as the U.S. won 7-6.

Gable Steveson Literally Flips Out After Gold Medal Victory

USA wrestler Gable Steveson pulled off his trademark backflip celebration after winning the first gold medal of his Olympic career in dramatic fashion.

Judges During Race Walking Events Really Taking Their Jobs Seriously

The temptation to break into a light jog during a race walking event is understandable, but judges with keen eyes patrol the field to keep athletes honest, making sure they have one foot touching the ground at all times.

The competitors and others on hand will remember the Tokyo judges, the sticklers who stepped into the races to flash yellow warning paddles at athletes breaking the rules.

Belly to Back Suplex in Wrestling Ring

In the Round of 16 during the women's freestyle 50 kg tournament, Chinese wrestler Sun Yanan dug deep to hit a belly to back suplex in her match against Cuba's Yusneylys Guzman.

Megan Rapinoe Scores Rare Olympic 'Olimpico' Goal

United States forward Megan Rapinoe bent her corner kick straight into Australia's goal for an "Olimpico" goal, the second one she's scored in her career in Olympic competition.

Skateboarder Rams Into Cameraman at End of Run

Australian skater Kieran Woolley accidentally collided with a cameraman during his run, but the cameraman remained unfazed: he shot the rest of the skate from a seated position, even giving the camera a thumbs up. A true professional, and the two shared a fist bump showing everything was all good afterward.

USA Wrestler Scores in Last 21 Seconds to Win Gold

David Taylor came back from a 3-2 deficit by scoring 2 more points in the last 21 seconds of his match against Iran's Hassan Yazdanicharati. Taylor won the men's wrestling 86kg gold.

USA's Westbrook Hits Monster Home Run to Take Baseball Lead

With a spot in the gold medal game on the line, Jamie Westbrook extended the U.S. lead over South Korea to 2-0 with a gigantic shot down the left field line. (Spoiler alert: America won and will face Japan in the finals.)

Maha Haddioui of Morocco Pulls of Stunning Hole-in-One

Morocco's Maha Haddioui went from the tee box to the bottom of the cup in one shot, recording an ace on the 7th hole during the Round 2 of the women's golf competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Capsized Kayak Leaves Sprinter Splashing at Starting Line

Cook Islands Olympian Kohl Horton was unable to finish his quarterfinal run in the men's K-1 200m sprint after an errant start sent him out of his kayak and into the water.

U.S. Hurdler Wins Heat, Promptly Busts Out Dance Moves

After winning his 110m hurdles semifinal in 13.18 to make his second Olympic final, American Devon Allen showed off some smooth dance moves. Wonder what his celebration would be if he wins gold?

All the Best Skateboarding Crashes From Tokyo

Skateboarding, one of the new sports added to the Olympics, provides proof that when you fall down, you have to get back up. Here are the best crashes from street skateboarding at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Best Judo Takedowns From the Tokyo Olympics

Olympians in the judo tournament flip, drop and throw for some of the most impressive takedowns in the competition.

4 Gymnasts Fall in High Bar Final

Kazakhstan's Milad Karim, Japan's Kitazono Takeru, Australia's Tyson Bull and the Netherlands' Bart Deurloo all came off the high bar at least once during the event final in Tokyo.

Tear-Jerking Ovation for Argentina's Luis Scola

During a stoppage of play in Argentina's 97-59 loss to Australia, Luis Scola received an emotional standing ovation in what could be the final game of his international playing career.

Wildest Badminton Rallies From Tokyo Olympics

Shuttlecocks soar in these rapid-fire badminton back-and-forths from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Jump Rope Halftime Show Entertains in Tokyo

There might not be fans packing the stands in Tokyo, but this halftime entertainment company delivered the goods nonetheless.

Italian Announcers Go WILD Over Shared Gold Medal

The moment Qatar's Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy's Gianmarco Tamberi decide to share the gold medal in high jump is well-known, but in Italian it's that much better. Listen to the broadcasters go crazy when they announce what's happening.

Danish, British Cycles Come Together in Bizarre Way

Denmark booked a place in the men's team pursuit gold medal heat following a bizarre scene that saw a Danish and British cyclist come together.

Handlebar Snap Causes Wild Crash on Indoor Cycling Track

During their run in the men’s team pursuit competition, Australia's squad was forced to end early after racer Alex Porter crashed on the Izu Velodrome track. The cause appeared to be equipment-related.

Historic Lifts By Transgender Woman

Kiwi Laurel Hubbard made history by being the first openly transgender woman to compete at the Olympics. Unfortunately, she didn't advance, dropping all three of her attempts in the women's 87 kg competition.

Runner Falls on Final Lap, Rallies to Win Race

Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands embodied the spirit of never giving up. She was knocked down when another athlete tripped at the start of the the final lap in the women's 1500m, but she got back up, passed all the other runners and managed to win the heat! 

Runners Trip and Fall Toward End of Race, Help Each Other Cross Finish Line Together

USA's Isaiah Jewett and Botswana's Nijel Amos fell down within the last 200m of the men's 800m semifinals. Displaying true sportsmanlike conduct, they helped each other up and jogged across the finish line together.

ROC Medal Mix-Up in Tennis Mixed Doubles

ROC's Aslan Karatsev was about to place a gold medal around the neck of teammate Elena Vesnina in the tennis mixed doubles medal ceremony at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, even though they won silver.

Boxer Throws Fit Over Disqualification

France's Mourad Aliev threw a huge fit after being disqualified from the men's super heavyweight quarterfinal match. The referees made the decision after what they perceived to be an intentional headbutt.

Raven Saunders Raises Hand in Podium Demonstration

Saunders has been open about her journey to Tokyo and says with her silver medal she wants to use the platform to be advocate for her community. The shot put medalist waited until after the anthems to express herself.

Silver Medalist's Pole Snaps Mid-Air

After breaking her pole and landing uncomfortably off the mat, Sandi Morris withdrew from the pole vault event. Morris appeared to have suffered an injury and needed medical attention.

U.S. Beach Volleyball Challenge Is Challenged

After a United States challenge saw the call on the court overturned, Canada responded with a challenge of its own—and the call, again, was overturned.

Coaches Get Emotional on Tokyo Sidelines

It was a different atmosphere in Tokyo with fewer fans in attendance, but the emotions were still on full display as coaches showed their pride and jubilation for their victorious athletes.

All the Best Screams From Tokyo Olympics Week 1

Hear how Germany's Giovanna Scoccimarro, U.S.'s Jordan Chiles, "Swedish Viking" Daniel Stahl and other Olympic athletes flexed their vocal cords during Week 1 of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Valarie Allman Uncorks Giant 1st Attempt for Discus Gold

American record-holder Valarie Allman unleashed a massive hurl of 68.98m on her first attempt, carrying her through the remaining rounds and a rain delay to win the U.S. its first track and field gold of the Tokyo Games.

Gymnast Wins First Olympic Medal at Age 30

Veteran Italian gymnast Vanessa Ferrari, 30, won her first Olympic medal at her fourth Games. Ferrari scored a 14.200 in the floor final, taking second to Jade Carey.

USA Fan-Favorite Weightlifter Gets Emotional

Team USA fan-favorite weightlifter Mattie Rogers posts a 138kg clean and jerk in the 87kg division.

Qatar and Italy Forgo Jump-Off to Share High Jump Gold

In one of the most exciting high jump competitions in Olympic history, Qatar's Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy's Gianmarco Tamberi, who both cleared 2.37m, decided to forgo a jump-off and share the Olympic gold.

Athletes Show Off the Olympic Village in TikToks

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Olympic village through the athletes' social media. From the food they eat to the beds they sleep on and everything in between, it's exciting to see what the athletes experience.

Kevin Durant Breaks All-Time Scoring Record

Kevin Durant officially broke the all-time U.S. men's Olympic scoring record previously held by Carmelo Anthony in Saturday's game against the Czech Republic.

Mysterious 'Sign Guy' Spotted at Softball Game

There may not be fans behind the plate at Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium during Olympic softball games, but one staff member is determined to give pitchers a friendly sight to see.

Canadian Pamela Ware's Dive Gone Wrong

Canada's Pamela Ware attempted a difficult dive in the women's 3m springboard at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and it didn't go as planned.

Italy Beach Volleyball Player Runs Under Net, Out of Bounds to Save Ball — Then Runs Back to Score Point

Paolo Nicolai ran under the net, out of bounds to perfectly set the ball for his partner, Daniele Lupo, to return the ball to Poland. Nicolai then quickly put up the perfect wall to block Poland's return hit, giving Italy the point after a wild set of events.

Katie Ledecky Addresses Whether or Not She's Coming Back for Paris 2024 Olympics

With Tokyo being the first Olympics without Michael Phelps in 20 years, many eyes turned to Katie Ledecky to take up his mantle and lead USA swimming into the future. But some swim fans have wondered if Ledecky will be coming back for Paris 2024, or if Tokyo would be her final Olympics.

After winning her third straight Olympic gold medal in the women's 800m freestyle, Katie Ledecky put those rumors to bed.

'Jumbo' Diaz Shuts Mexico Down in the 8th, Goes Crazy

Dominican Republic's Jose 'Jumbo' Diaz was fired up after keeping his team in the lead in an Olympic baseball group stage game against Mexico.

Caeleb Dressel Moved to Tears by Family After First Individual Gold Medal Win

After winning his first-ever individual Olympic gold medal in the men's 100m freestyle, Team USA's Caeleb Dressel relishes an emotional moment with his loved ones and is left speechless by their overwhelming support. Pass the tissues.

Two Straight Hit Batters Secure Walk-Off Win for Korea

Israel's pitcher Jeremy Bleich hit two consecutive batters in extra innings, the second with the bases loaded, giving Korea a walk-off win in one of the strangest of fashions.

ROC Dive Fail in Synchronized Springboard Final

In the final of the men's synchronized 3m springboard, the ROC dive team of Nikita Shleikher and Evgenii Kuznetsov was in medal contention until Shleikher appeared to be off-balance as he went off the board, causing him to not get as height on his jump.

He was not in sync with his partner, and his feet hit the water first, leading to an automatic score of zero, taking away all hopes for a medal.

Wildest Volleys From Women's Singles Table Tennis Semis

Witness the most intense exchanges during the women's singles table tennis semifinals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, featuring Singapore's Yu Mengyu vs. China's Chen Meng and Japan's Mima Ito vs. China's Sun Yingsha.

See the Most Insane Surfing Wipeouts

Surfers get soaked as they compete with massive waves and each other at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Italy's Wild Celebration in Team Sabre Semis

Italy is on its way back to the gold medal matchup in men's team sabre for the first time since 2004. After Luca Curatoli scored the final points in the 45-43 win over Hungary, the Italian team shared a wild celebration.

Norway Shockingly Capsizes in Men's Double Sculls Semifinal

Norway's Kristoffer Brun and Are Strandli, the 2016 Olympic bronze medalists, were pursuing another medal in their third straight Games together when they suddenly rolled over in their rowboat, capsizing in the last 500m of a men's lightweight double sculls semifinal.

They had to be rescued from the water by lifeguards, though they were not injured.

Guatemala's Kevin Cordon Epic Win Reaction

Guatemala's Kevin Cordon provided one of the best reactions of the Olympics following a 2-0 win over Angus Ng Ka Long that clinched his place in the knockout stages.

Boxer Attempts to Bite Opponents Ear

Mike Tyson, eat your heart out. Er, maybe don't.

Moroccan boxer Youness Baalla brought back flashbacks of Iron Mike's infamous 1997 "Bite Fight" with Evander Holyfield on Tuesday morning during a heavyweight bout against New Zealand's David Nyika.

In the final round, Baalla engaged Nyika in a hold and went for Nyika's right ear. The two were separated and finished out the fight without any punishment assessed. Unlike Holyfield, Nyika said he emerged unscathed, and ultimately was named the winner of the fight via unanimous decision.

Simone Biles Exits Team Final After Vault

Simone Biles competed in Team USA's first rotation on vault in the women's Olympic team final, bailing out of her Amanar and scoring a 13.766 for a 1.5 twist. Shortly after, she withdrew from the team contest. 

Spectacular Home-Run Robbing Catch

United States left fielder Janie Reed leaped high into the air to rob a Fujita Yamato of a sure-fire home run, keeping the U.S. within striking distance in the gold medal game. The squad went on to lose the final 0-2 to Japan.

Serbia's Dabovic Pulls Off Over-the-Head No-Look Pass

Ana Dabovic pulled off a clutch over-the-head no-look pass in Serbia's big win against Canada in the Olympic women's basketball tournament.

Brazil's Italo Ferreira Snaps Surfboard in Seconds Into Gold Medal Match

So this is why surfers have several boards. Watch how Brazilian Italo Ferreira's surfboard snaps in half in the opening seconds of the first-ever Olympic surfing gold medal match.

Ferreira's coach had to run down the shoreline to bring him a new one.

Lydia Jacoby's Alaska Hometown Celebrates Stunning Gold Medal Win

Lydia Jacoby made history on Monday night, upsetting favorite Lilly King to claim gold in the women's 100m breaststroke.

At a watch party in the 17-year-old's hometown of Seward, Alaska, spectators went wild, as Jacoby reached the finish line to win the USA's first gold medal of the night.

Swim Coach Goes Berserk Over Titmus' Win

Australian swim coach Dean Boxall was ecstatic after Ariarne Titmus won the women's 400-meter freestyle in Tokyo, handing Katie Ledecky her first-ever loss in an individual event.

Fencer Gets Surprise Marriage Proposal

Argentine fencer María Belén Pérez Maurice received a surprise wedding proposal from her coach and life partner in the middle of an interview.

Dutch Mountain Biker Crashes Big

Dutch rider Mathieu van der Poel – three-time reigning world champ in the non-Olympic cyclo-cross and Stage 2 winner of the 2021 Tour de France – crashes at Sakura Drop on the first lap; he'd later pull out on lap five.

Weightlifter Diaz Wins Philippines' First-Ever Olympic Gold

Hidilyn Diaz set two Olympic records on her way to winning the women's 55kg, bringing the Philippines its first gold medal in Olympic history.

Spain Scores Penalty at the Buzzer to Beat Norway

Spain's penalty at the end of the second half gave them a narrow 28-27 win over Norway in Group A of men's handball pool play.


Men's Triathlon Kicks Off With Bizarre False Start

A motor boat in the way of athletes disrupts the start of the men's triathlon in Tokyo, stopping the race in bizarre fashion and marking the first-ever false start call in the sport's Olympic history.

See Kalisz Win 1st U.S. Medal of Tokyo Games From All Angles

Watch Chase Kalisz win the first U.S. medal of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics from all angles as he captures the men's 400m IM.

Japanese Brother, Sister Win Judo Gold

Japanese siblings Abe Uta and Abe Hifuma became the first brother and sister duo to win gold medals at the same Olympics on Saturday.

Oksana Chusovitina Gets Farewell Standing Ovation

Eight-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina got an emotional standing ovation after competing on vault during Subdivision 4 of women's qualification in Tokyo. Chusovitina, 46, has said she will retire after these Games. 

Skateboarder Crashes in the Wrong Spot

You see it in skateboarding fail videos all the time. You hate to see it in the Olympics.

Athletes Put Their Cardboard Beds to the Test

U.S. Olympians in the Athlete's Village take to Tik Tok to bust a myth about their not-so-fragile cardboard beds. More on that wild saga here.

An Epic TKO Celebration

After defeating Eswatini's Dlamini Thabiso via TKO, Cameroon's Albert Mengue Ayissi celebrated in epic fashion. See full event replay.

Tonga's Shirtless Flag Bearer Has Some Glistening Competition

Tonga’s Pita Taufatofua and Rillio Rii, a rower from Vanuatu, both went shirtless while serving as flag bearers during the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony.

Pita Taufatofua, best known for his shirtless stints as Tonga’s Olympic flag bearer, shares three things you should know before taking your shirt off.

Performers' Pictograms Embody 50 Olympic Disciplines

In the span of less than five minutes, some very talented performers embody 50 Olympic disciplines from 41 sports via pictograms.

Opening Ceremony Marks Start of Tokyo Olympics

Look back at some of the top moments from the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, including acts showcasing Japanese culture, the Parade of Nations and more.

Who Is Mysterious 'Sign Guy' Behind Home Plate?

There may not be fans behind the plate at Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium during Olympic softball games, but one staff member is determined to give pitchers a friendly sight to see.

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