Dallas Family Decorates Home to Celebrate Olympic Games

It's become a bi-annual tradition during the Summer and Winter Games

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Inside the home of the Bishop family in Dallas, you'll find them watching the Tokyo Olympics around the clock. Like most, they're cheering for Team USA from the couch, but they've also taken their love and support for the games to outside their front door.

"It's all about the Olympics. We’re big fans of bringing everyone together from a country perspective and the young athletes, young leaders, bringing it all together in two weeks and celebrating it all," Kit Bishop said from his front yard.

Surrounding the perimeter of his front lawn up to his patio are American flags staked in the ground, along with flags of nations from across the globe participating in the Summer Olympics.

With the help of Amazon, the family has turned their front yard into an Olympic Village.

“I think the wife tried to get all the countries she could, I know there are over 200 countries but I don’t think there are 200 flags," Bishop laughed. "I hope not that would be crazy."

His love for the Games stems from when he attended the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

"Saw the summer Olympics in Atlanta, almost three weeks of pretty much no sleep, worked a job and went to Olympics and probably one of the coolest experiences ever," Bishop said.

Decorating the front of his home has become a tradition for both the Summer and Winter Games over the years.

He said their neighbors are used to them putting something up in the front yard for the holidays, so this isn't anything different.

He said his children have a different perspective.

“They just say we’re crazy parents, but that’s what makes great memories for the kids too right? ‘My parents are crazy,'" chuckled Bishop.

Over the driveway is an Olympic ring flag with "USA" in the middle. Hanging from their flag pole is another Olympic Games flag. Meanwhile, their front door is draped with a red, white and blue wreath that reads "USA."

“I think this year, more than any, everybody’s been isolated for a year and a half and just having something for everybody to get behind," Bishop said.

Spreading joy is part of the family's DNA.

Their front yard also has a "choose kindness" sign and they always look to bring a smile to others whether it's through their décor during the holidays, or even the snacks and water they have at the front door for those who deliver packages to their home.

"Me and my wife, we try to focus on the positives you know, because again, we’re 98% the same so why focus on the different," Bishop said. "Just be kind to everybody because we pretty much are all the same."

The Olympics give the couple another reason to use their front yard as a way to unite and focus on the good that's highlighted during the Games.

"You know, seeing the United States, Russia and China, the top three together all celebrating is pretty awesome, comparatively to what we see for the rest of the year," Bishop said. “Seeing Israel and Palestine, all those (countries) all of them together and that you don’t really see that unity, but that’s where sports really brings it altogether man, makes it simple I guess."

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