As COVID-19 Cases Rise, Olympic Athlete Ronnie Baker Focused on Staying Healthy

As COVID-19 cases rise, there is added pressure among Olympic athletes to stay healthy while hitting peak form

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As the number of athletes testing positive for COVID-19 rises, so does the pressure to stay healthy.

For Ronnie Baker, the road to Tokyo began at TCU where he became a 12-time All-American and still trains almost every day.

Later this month, he’ll compete for the title of ‘World’s Fastest Man’ in the 100-meter at the Tokyo Olympics.

Baker said he’s excited but aware that in a pandemic that one misstep could dash his Olympic dreams.

“That's kind of the scary part of it all is realizing that your whole five years of training could be down the drain with one positive test,” Baker told NBC 5.

Ronnie Baker
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Ronnie Baker

Thursday, COVID-19 cases at the Tokyo Olympics rose to at least 87.

Among them is American tennis phenom Coco Gauff, NBA star Bradley Beal and gymnast Kara Eaker.

Baker said he's aware of the rising case numbers at home and abroad, and approaches every day with a heightened sense of awareness.

“Really just being aware and cautious of who I'm around and who I'm exposing myself to,” Baker said.

Baker leaves for Tokyo on Saturday morning and his first race is a week later on July 31. He is also on the 4x100 relay team.

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