April Ross, Alix Klineman Get Big Shoutouts From Mr. T Ahead of Olympic Finals

"You Brought your 'A' Game to the A-team! USA All the Way, you made Us Proud!" the actor tweeted

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April Ross and Alix Klineman knew they had a big fan in an original "A-Team" member, and the celebrity continued to laud the American beach volleyball duo with praise after they won the gold medal on Friday.

Legendary actor Mr. T, who was born in Chicago and played B.A. Baracus on the hit TV show “The A-Team,” has posted several messages throughout the Olympics cheering on the newest "A-Team" of Ross and Klineman, as they're nicknamed.

The pair dominated the women’s beach volleyball tournament throughout the Tokyo Olympics, and after closing out the gold medal match against Australia, their high-profile supporter took to Twitter yet again.

"Wow! You did it Ladies, Congratulations! @AprilRossBeach and @alixklineman , you Deserve the Gold! You Brought your “A” Game to the A-team! USA All the Way, you made Us Proud!" Mr. T tweeted.

Ahead of the final result, Mr. T had also tweeted his support, saying he was tuned in to the volleyball match.

"Hey Fool! Don’t Bother me now, I am getting ready to watch the A-Team! No, not the tv show… Grrr! I’m talking about @alixklineman and @AprilRossBeach going for the Gold in Beach Volleyball."

Both beach volleyball stars appeared a little starstruck at getting the shoutout. Ross responded to one of Mr. T's Aug. 3 posts saying "Ahhhhhh [emoji] Thank you for your blessing @MrT! #ATeam," finishing with a fist-bumping emoji.

Klineman, meanwhile, appeared at a loss for words, simply responding to one of his posts saying "What !!!!!" with a star-eyed smiley face emoji.

In his earlier posts, Mr. T explained that he knew he would have to follow Ross and Klineman closely when the learned of their now growing nickname.

“Congratulations April Ross and Alix Klineman! When I heard they call you ladies “The A-Team,” I had to cheer you on!” the actor tweeted. “I pity the competition….Grrr! (We love when a plan comes together). Go USA go!”

The actor posted again after the duo won their semifinal match in straight sets, clinching a berth in the gold medal match.

"Don't let up! Next stop gold!" the actor said. "I am watching and rooting, go USA go!"

Ross earned her first gold medal in Olympic competition, after winning a bronze medal with Jennifer Kessy in London in 2012 and a silver medal with Kerri Walsh Jennings in 2016.

Klineman teamed up with Ross at the conclusion of the 2017 volleyball season, and the duo has found a remarkable amount of success together, winning numerous AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour events and earning the No. 2 seed at the Tokyo Olympics.

Ross and Klineman defeated Switzerland on Thursday morning in Tokyo, setting themselves up for the run at the gold in the final match on Friday.

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