T.O. Tweet: Cowboys Have a T.R. Problem

There may not have been many jerseys with Owens on the back at JerryWorld's gala opening and we may have agreed to put an end to mentions of the former Cowboys receiver last week, but that doesn't mean that Terrell Owens is going to pass up a chance to roast his former team. Shortly after Tony Romo's third and final interception led to the Cowboys loss on Sunday night, T.O. decided to re-tweet a message sent to him by Twitter follower Deidric McGowan.

"RT @mcgowanboi: @terrellowens Dallas just found out they had a T.R. problem not a T.O problem !!"

Owens later tweeted some sympathetic feelings for Jerry's kids, with hopes that Marion Barber's injured quad won't cause him much trouble, but it isn't hard to guess which message represented his true feelings while watching the Cowboys fall to the Giants. That can't make Cowboys fans all that happy, nor can the fact that they have to grudgingly admit that Owens has a point.

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Romo's problems on Sunday night were the same problems that he's had throughout his tenure under center for the Cowboys. He was a mixture of reckless and feckless, which served to undermine his team on a night when the rest of the crew did enough to win the game and served to undermine everything he said this offseason about rededicating himself to being a more careful quarterback. 

So far the only change to Romo from the end of last season is that he feels bad about the way he played against the Giants, a departure from his making lemonade out of lemons approach to the 44-6 loss to the Eagles. He's getting some praise for that, although it doesn't take a seasoned football watcher to know that how you react to playing like garbage matters much less than the fact that you actually played like garbage.

The latter part is why it's impossible to erase the thought that there might be a serious T.R. problem in JerryWorld, one that seems as far from a solution as ever.

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