T.O. Thinks Hall of Fame Should Be “Purely Based on Stats”

Terrell Owens caught 34 touchdown passes in three seasons in Dallas

Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens would like to see a change in the way Pro Football Hall of Fame voters operate.

Specifically, Owens—whose statistics are more Hall of Fame-worthy than just about anyone not named Jerry Rice, but who was passed over in his first year of eligibility last year because he might not have always been the most likable fellow—believes a greater emphasis should be placed on statistics in the voting process. As in, that’s where ALL the emphasis should be.

Owens offered this opinion during a conversation with Maria Menounos on SiriusXM last week, saying that voters should simply look at his numbers against those of Marvin Harrison, who was voted into the Hall last year.

He played a number of years with Peyton Manning, he’s an incredible receiver,” Owens said, via Pro Football Talk. “But again, when it comes to what the Hall of Fame is all about in terms of the criteria to get in, it should be based purely on stats and obviously my stats are better than his. …

“Of all the gold jackets that were there leading up to the actual day of the induction, everybody for sure was like I was a shoo-in. And at some point, yeah, I feel like I will get in, but I think with the body of work and what I did for the game, I should have been in first ballot.”

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