The Suite Life of TMS' Bruton Smith

Texas Motor Speedway owner Bruton Smith lives the suite life -- in a penthouse that overlooks the racetrack.

Smith wakes up to a window full of pit action -- minus the smell of asphalt. Huge living room windows and leather stadium style seats offer a perfect vantage point to see the race, but the rest of the penthouse is just as impressive.

Offering two guests rooms, the "great room" with living, kitchen, and seating areas, plus a master bedroom, the penthouse has enough room to entertain and to live -- though Smith only stays over three times a year.

It's not the only place Smith lays his head; he has two more penthouses at other racetracks. But this one, he insists, is his favorite.

Decked out with shameless Texas Motor Speedway branding in the shower, a Texas-sized "lone star" in the entrance-way, and ornate artwork it's obvious this isn't one of the cheap seats.

Check out our video report and gallery of photos on the left.

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