The JerryTron Goes 3D, Players To Appear Even More Lifelike At Stadium

Hey, kids. Like the Double J’s ginormous teevee over at Cowboys Stadium? Can’t get enough of staring at it until the backs of your eyelids are whiter than an albino when you close your eyes? Well, get ready, gang. Because Jerry’s massive punt restraining device is about to go THREEDEE!

From Cable 360 comes this report:

Sunday, December 13 at the Dallas Cowboys-San Diego Chargers game, HDlogix, a company that has created a synthesized 3D technology, will convert HDTV video of the sports action into 3D.

At half-time and during the game, attendees at Cowboys Stadium will see real time 3D video created from HDlogix’s new ImageIQ 3D technology.

Whoa. Now that is cool. Think about it. At long last, you can go to a football game and see players on television in three dimensions. IT’S PRACTICALLY LIKE YOU’RE AT THE GAME. The players have never looked this real. You could almost run out onto the field and touch them, that’s how realistic they are. It’s like they’re right in front of you! WHOA, LOOK AT WADE JIGGLE! I’M GETTING MOTION SICKNESS!

But that’s not the end of the technological innovations for you, Cowboys fans. I’ve heard Jones is also planning on handing out special virtual reality helmets to customers at Cowboys Stadium, that allow you to view the game in a simulated stadium environment. It’s as close to real football action as you can get! And each seat in Cowboys Stadium will also now be equipped with Rumble Paks, so you feel every hit!

This may be one of the great signs of our progress. Never before has going to a football game felt so much like going to a football game. No word yet on whether or not Cowboys Stadium will be hosting midnight screenings of “House of Wax”

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