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Texas Wesleyan Announces Feasibility Study for Women's Flag Football Program

According to TWU, the school will conduct a study that garners interest, and opportunities for scholarship

Texas Wesleyan

Score! The Lady Rams at Texas Wesleyan University (TWU) are set to make history following the announcement of a possible new program.

In a statement released this week, TWU announced its plans for a feasibility study into the sport this Fall and has hopes to compete in the 2023-24 season.

Following the successful launch of a women's varsity flag football league by Fort Worth ISD (FWISD), the Rams say it also expects to hire a coach next summer.

"It was great to see the athletes at Poly having so much fun, and Texas Wesleyan University is excited about the possibilities women's flag football brings to our campus," said President Frederick G. Slabach. "It's not just about overall growth and providing more opportunities for the collegiate athletic experience - it's about opening the door for more students to fulfill their dream of higher education."

On March 29, President Slabach and Athletic Director Ricky Dotson met with Polytechnic High Schools Women's Flag Football Team which is coached by 2014 TXWES graduate and former cheerleader Rayneta Dotson.

"There is definitely an excitement and enthusiasm from the young women on Poly's flag football team, and Rayneta certainly fuels their energy," said Randy Dotson. "The development of flag football for high school athletes in FWISD provides us a pathway to ultimately recruit area student-athletes and, quite honestly, is an avenue to learn more about the best way to implement a flag football program of our own."

Currently, FWISD is one of the only public school districts in Texas to offer the program, with the 2021-22 school year being its inaugural year.

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"We are excited about the recent announcement made by Texas Wesleyan," said Dotson. "We currently have one athlete who has been offered a scholarship to play flag football at a NAIA school in Georgia, and several others are interested in playing flag football at the college level. It's exciting to know that some of my athletes may have the opportunity to continue playing right down the road at my alma mater in the future."

Officials with the University say that before the launch of every new athletic program, the school conducts a feasibility study that assesses interest, scholarship opportunities governed by the NAIA, and opportunities for competition in the area before committing to hiring a coach and building a team.

"We consistently evaluate and plan opportunities for participation for women student-athletes, and this feels like a huge opportunity for us to continue with that vision," said Ricky Dotson, athletic director. "I am optimistic that other college programs are going to see what Texas Wesleyan sees - women want to compete in this sport."

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