Texas Rangers Ban Fan Accused of Harassing Hispanic Family

The Texas Rangers have banned a fan who was accused of harassing a Hispanic family during a recent home game.

On Saturday night, just hours after a Dallas-area man targeted Hispanics in a deadly shooting a Walmart in El Paso, the Romero family was sitting in the stands at Globe Life Field watching the Texas Rangers when they said another fan began making racist remarks.

Ramon Romero talked to NBC 5 after his wife Jessica shared a photo on Facebook that shows their family in the stands at the ballpark -- behind them was the man flashing an obscene gesture.

In her post on social media, Jessica said they overheard the man remarking about how he planned to ruin their family photo.

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"He made it perfectly clear during the 2nd inning that he is not a fan of Hispanics. And he just so happen to have a Hispanic family (us) sitting in front of him and another one sitting directly behind him. During the 2nd inning the little boy behind him who looked to be about Nomar’s age kicked the back of his chair. And for the next 3 innings I had to hear him complain about all the illegal immigrants that were surrounding him at the game. That he should kick little Speedy Gonzalez all the way back to Mexico for kicking his seat. That Trump needs to hurry and build the wall and send all these illegals back so they won’t be kicking his seat." -- Jessica Romero

"For something like that to happen on a day after what happened in El Paso, it just hurts to see that there are people out there like that," Ramon told NBC 5.

On Friday, the team said they had identified the man in the photo and that he violated the club's fan code of conduct. As such, the team said, he "is indefinitely prohibited from attending Rangers home games."

The team, who reached out to the Romero family earlier in the week and offered to make their next trip to Globe Life Park "a memorable and enjoyable experience."

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