Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway Welcomes IndyCar in June

TMS will be open for business again when open-wheel racing hits the track for the Genesys 300 on June 6.

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Racing will return to Texas Motor Speedway the first Saturday night in June and Eddie Gossage is excited about it.

“The first sporting event, live sporting event in the state of Texas since all of this started so that’s great news,” said the Texas Motor Speedway President.

But this will not be a typical race weekend. Because of the threat of COVID-19, fans will not be allowed inside the gates at TMS.

“That’s heartbreaking," said Gossage. "I’m a big race fan myself so I know how passionate race fans are and it’s going to be really strange to have a completely empty speedway except for a race taking place on the oval.”

Only the people directly involved in the competition will be allowed on the grounds and IndyCar is preparing to keep their safety a top priority.

“Most of the competitors will fly in the morning of the race on two different charter flights," said Gossage. They’ll land at Alliance Airport just next door to us. Get on busses that have been sanitized. They’re going to be using a number of busses to ensure social distancing on the bus.”

And once they arrive, they’ll go through a screening process developed by IndyCar and asked to maintain proper social distancing.

“We’ve got 128 garage stalls between the two big garages we have and we could easily space out the 24 IndyCar teams so that they’re not next to each other,” said Gossage.

So as it turns out, “No Limits Texas” will have limitations for once. But some sort of racing is better than none.

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