Terrell Owens Not Worried About the Hall of Fame

Owens spent three seasons with the Cowboys, from 2006 to 2008

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Next year, former Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens will be eligible for induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, an honor that he certainly deserves based on his numbers. Whether he’ll get in is a different matter.

To say Owens was polarizing might be an understatement. Just look at his time in Dallas: He was hated before he arrived because (A) He celebrated on the star at midfield at Texas Stadium (before getting hit by George Teague) as a 49er and (B) Then he joined the Eagles. He spent three very productive seasons in Dallas before being cut, and then he was hated to some degree after he left, perhaps because he wasn’t at all shy about taking pot shots at Tony Romo.

Owens’ bigger detractors would say of course he did, because he was a locker room cancer, and a pain for coaches and quarterbacks, and that’s why they wouldn’t vote him into the Hall of Fame.

In an interview on The Rich Eisen Show this week, Owens says he doesn’t really care all that much whether he gets in or not.

“I understand what I’ve done on the field and it’s probably well deserving of that, but I’m being honest, it really doesn’t bother me whether I get in or not,” Owens said, via ProFootballTalk. “I know a lot of people have had that conversation and said ‘Dude, stop saying that.’ I guess from a standpoint of a legacy or what my kids can really see what I’ve done, the body of work and appreciate it, then yeah, and my family. But me, personally, it really doesn’t do anything for me because I never played the game for that. I played it because I was competitive. I played it to the point that I realized my talent and I became pretty good at it. That was my motivation. I wanted to win at all costs.”

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