Terrell Owens New Position — Scapegoat

Terrell Owens may be gone from the Dallas Cowboys but he's still talking about his former team mates including quarterback Tony Romo.

"All I did was handle my business. I can't control another person. All I can do is control me," said Owens. "He was the quarterback of the team, and I think everybody realized that."

"He took it upon himself to adopt that leadership role, and carry it out," said Owens. "Obviously they saw that didn't happen. So for whatever reason I'll be the scapegoat, I'm not here now, it's his team and I wish him well."

Owens is in North Texas for his 2009 Youth Summer Football Mini-Camp.

"Once I get out here with the kids, you know, that's the most important thing," said Owens.

This is the 4th year Owens has held the camp.

"Once I'm out here on the football field, me giving back and me really just sharing, giving them a little bit of myself," said Owens. 

He isn't at a loss for words about the Dallas Cowboys or the fans.

"I'm not a Cowboy anymore. I've moved on. I know a lot of fans wish I was still here, and, you know, that's just the nature of  the business," said Owens.

Owens did have some nice things to say about former coach Wade Phillips.

"Wade is a great coach. Definitely when I was there we made things work that just didn't execute on the football field," said

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Owens. "There is a lot of things you can always point back to, the coach, but the players are the ones that really make the

things happen on the football field. And at that point, bottom line, we didn't get it done."

And said he is looking forward to training camp with the Buffalo Bills.

"I had a good camp, OTA's, what happened happened, I had my reason for leaving," said Owens.  "I'm just trying to focus on Buffalo."

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