TCU Coach Sees Beauty in the Scars in Recovery From Brain Tumor Removal

TCU's women's basketball coach is trying to inspire others while recovering from a life-altering procedure. Raegan Pebley is embracing the beauty in the scars

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Two and a half years ago, TCU women’s basketball coach Raegan Pebley was given news that changed her life and perspective forever.

“The first time you hear you have a brain tumor, your mouth opens and everything slows down around you,” Pebley. “Literally, your brain is just humming.”

The brain tumor was benign, but caused Pebley to experience headaches and could eventually grow into a bigger problem. Her neurologist recommended she have a procedure to remove it, which she did in June.

“When you have a surgery like this, there’s a lot that goes into it... It’s more than just, 'Let’s get the tumor out.' They cut your jaw muscle, they move nerves around and I’m pretty numb from here to here," Pebley said, pointing from her head to her cheek.

Numbness and concern about recovery and the large scar left on her forehead.

“I was terrified of what a scar was going to look like,” Pebley said. “Half my hair was gone on this side. I was humbled at how vain I was about those things. I was extremely swollen and bruised on the side of my face as well. I had to come to terms with extending grace to myself, allowing myself to heal, and honoring the journey I had gone through and the bravery that I was filled up with by so many other people who encouraged me and prayed for me.”

Courage and grace, which were themes in Raegan’s social media post revealing the challenging journey she was on and fueled the inspiration she hopes to provide.

“I wasn’t going to hide it because I really felt like this is part of my story,” Pebley said. “It’s an opportunity to show bravery. This is making me better. This is not just for me. If somebody can see me be proud and turn my scar into something beautiful and something I’m proud of, hopefully, that helps someone else feel good about what they’ve gone through, whether it’s a literal scar or a figurative scar.”

A literal scar that is now healing, with Raegan Pebley back coaching basketball, but changed for the better after the surgery that changed her life and perspective forever.

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