TB Lightning Tease Jimmy Fallon on Twitter

The Stanley Cup finalists shot back after Fallon poked fun at them

Jimmy Fallon has been known for his segments in which he pokes fun at celebrities, but this time the target of his jokes teased him back.

While discussing the Stanley Cup finalists on "The Tonight Show", Fallon created superlatives for players on both teams. They usually centered around the hockey players' looks, such as a lost tooth or hair style.

When the "Tonight Show" tweeted the segment, the TB Lighting shot back their own superlative of Fallon: Most Likely to Regret Getting a 2015 Rangers Stanley Cup Tramp Stamp. It included a photo of Fallon in a New York Rangers jersey, looking very disappointed at his team's performance it the finals.

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While the "Tonight Show" account nor Fallon responded to the tweet, fans of the show quickly praised the team's tweet, calling it the "best one yet."

The TB Lightning lost Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final against the Chicago Blackhawks Wednesday night. Game 2 is on Saturday. 

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