Former Arlington High School Rivals Are Super Bowl Teammates

Arlington Lamar grad Bobby Brown and Arlington Martin grad Justin Hollins both play for the Los Angeles Rams

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Two North Texans who used to be cross-town rivals are teaming up to make their debut at Super Bowl LVI.

Arlington Lamar's Bobby Brown

Arlington Lamar High School is located near the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium, but this weekend the former Vikings will be routing for the Rams.

"There's a lot of Rams fans around here now," Arlington Lamar Head Football Coach Billy Skinner said.

That's because one of Lamar's own, defensive tackle Bobby Brown, will be playing for the Rams in the Super Bowl.

"He was gonna be successful no matter what," Skinner said. "His mom, Erica, did an outstanding job with him, and I feel like we were just lucky to kinda be a part of that."

At 6'4" and 235 pounds, Brown made an impression in high school.

"First impression was me looking up thinking, my goodness this is a giant baby," Skinner laughed.

Skinner said there is more to Brown than his football skills.

"Very, very, very intelligent. Had a social conscience," Skinner said. "Kids at 16, 17,18 don't necessarily have a philosophy — so when you meet somebody who does, it's special to see — he's a really good football player, but my goodness, that's a great kid!"

Arlington Martin's Justin Hollins

Across town at Arlington Martin, high school rivals will be rooting for the same team.

"We're all Rams fans on the southwest side of town," Arlington Martin Head Football Coach Bob Wager said.

Wager coached Rams linebacker Justin Hollins in high school.

"While he had a phenomenal impact on our program, I thought his best football was ahead of him," Wager said. "We're certainly excited and proud, but we're not surprised."

Wager said Hollins's impact extended off the field.

"Great teammate," Wager said. "A guy that cared more about his teammate than he did himself."

Two Former Rivals, One Team

Now rival high school players are on the same team.

"Pairing up, going to play in the Super Bowl," Wager said. "It doesn't get any better than that!"

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