Super Bowl

DeSoto High School Grad to Play in His Second Super Bowl

Von Miller will play in the Super Bowl for a second time; first with the Broncos, and now with the LA Rams

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There's a trophy case at DeSoto High School filled with trophies, photos, and memorabilia. It gives a nod to DeSoto graduate Von Miller, who is headed to the Super Bowl for the second time in his NFL career.

"My Von Miller, number 2," Pam DeBorde said. "We all in DeSoto feel like he's ours."

DeBorde was the Assistant Athletic Director at DeSoto High School when Miller was there. She's known him since he was in seventh-grade.

"The rumblings about Von began probably around ninth-grade about his future and what an unbelievable linebacker he looked like he was fixin' to become," DeBorde said.

DeBorde recalled how Miller would come to her office to just sit and talk. In one conversation, she asked him about his future.

"He said 'I'm gonna go play college ball, I'm gonna go play pro ball, and I'm gonna make the Super Bowl,'" DeBorde said. "That's a conversation I'll never forget because he predicted his destiny."

Miller went to Texas A&M, then was drafted by the Denver Broncos. He played in his first Super Bowl with the Broncos. This year, Miller is going to the Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams.

DeBorde said while Miller is "a beast" on the field, he's something else when he steps off the field.

"I would describe him, if you asked me one word, is precious," DeBorde said smiling. "But I'm sure he would rather the football players on the field not think of him as precious."

Miller goes back to DeSoto often, donating time and money. He started Von's Vision non-profit to help children get eye exams and glasses.

"My favorite thing is he's just fun! He's a fun, light-hearted, positive person," DeBorde said. "We're gonna be Rams (fans) this weekend, that's for sure!"

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