Stephen Jones Says Call on Dez’s Non-Catch Was the Right One

As far as we know Stephen Jones is the first member of the organization to say as much

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This week, Dallas Cowboys executive vice president and C.O.O. Stephen Jones became the first member of the organization (that we know of, anyway) to say publicly that the call on Dez Bryant’s now-infamous non-catch was the correct one. He addressed the issue at the opening of the Dallas Cowboys Club bar and restaurant at the DFW Airport.

"As it turns out, according to the rule, I think the call was correct," said Jones, a member of the NFL’s Competition Committee, per ESPN Dallas.

The Competition Committee tweaked the rule pertaining to receivers establishing possession this offseason, but really the only thing that was changed was the language. What constitutes possession is more or less unchanged. Jones said they would continue to consider the rule in the future.

"Now, going forward is there a better way that some of these plays that are made by great players like a Dez Bryant or a Calvin Johnson, is there a way to tweak a rule to where you can say, ‘Hey those guys really caught those footballs and they should be catches even under the NFL rules?’ Well, that’s the job of the Competition Committee and for us to continue to look at ways to get better," Jones said.

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