Staubach Still Thinks Manziel Can Succeed in the NFL

Johnny Manziel was released from a rehab facility over the weekend, over two months after checking himself in

Dallas Cowboys legend and Pro football Hall of Famer Roger Staubach doesn’t think anyone should be giving up on Johnny Manziel just yet. Staubach told USA Today over the weekend that if the 22-year-old fellow former Heisman winner can keep his life in order off the field, he sees no reason Manziel can’t be an effective NFL quarterback.

Staubach’s comments were published on Saturday, the same day Manziel was released from the rehab facility he voluntarily entered back on January 28.

“If he really truly gets his life back on track, his talent is Russell Wilson-type talent,” Staubach said. “So size isn't the overwhelming issue for him when you have Russell and Drew Brees winning Super Bowls at the same size. Johnny has got the arm strength. I don't know why talent wise, he still can't be a really good football player.

“But you have to be more than just a talent as a quarterback. You have to be mentally tough and you have got to be a leader. And you have to transfer that to your teammates. And I think Johnny lost the confidence of his teammates because of his personal issues. He has to get that back.”

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