Speedskater's Supporters Gear Up for Winter Olympics

Jordan Malone, who trained on streets of Denton, will compete in 3 races

North Texans will be cheering on a speedskater from Denton at the Vancouver Olympics.

Jordan Malone, 25, will compete in three races at the Winter Games after an injury prevented him from making the U.S. team four years ago.

"There are a lot of people who are really rooting for this kid," said his mother, Peggy Aitken. "He grew up skating on the streets of Denton, Texas, and I followed him on a moped. So there are a lot of people who saw that crazy lady following her kid on the streets of Denton while he was training."

Friends and supporters got together Tuesday night in Denton to gear up for the Olympics. But with less than four weeks until the Olympics, Malone is still training in Salt Lake City and couldn't make it to the hometown rally in his honor.

He told his mother by phone that making the team still hasn't sunk in yet.

"It's all his same routine that he's done for the last four years, so nothing's changed," Aitken said. "So when it really will set in is when he gets his team gear and they get the Olympic uniform with the rings on it."

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His biggest fan will be in Vancouver to see it for herself.

"I was really excited that he made the team, but then again, I've just kind of learned not to get too excited too soon," Aitken said. "And I'll get excited when I get there, too."

Malone's mother is organizing watch parties at Pourhouse Sports Grill on Unicorn Lake Boulevard to cheer on her son during the Olympics.

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