Dallas Mavericks

Slovenian sports broadcaster visits Dallas working and cheering on Luka Doncic

The series between the Mavs and Celtics stands at 0-3

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He has a similar look and name to Luka Doncic.  He's also from Slovenia.

But Luka Stucin is in Dallas to cover basketball, not play it.

“We’re here for the basketball and probably for some barbeque and ribs,” Stucin said.  “We came here with the Slovenian Official Broadcasting Television official broadcasting of the NBA.”

It's a trip he had to make since it's Doncic's first NBA Finals appearance and what he means to their home country.

“He’s really a superstar there,” Stucin said. “People are waking up in the middle of the night because you have to know when the game is played in the U.S. it’s probably around two or three or four in the morning.”

He said Wednesday's game took him on an emotional ride.

“A bit exhausting because you are just like you are happy, you are down, you are sad, you’re happy,” Stucin said. “I don’t know it’s been a rollercoaster really.”

He is worried that sadness will likely be the final emotion Mavs fans and Slovenians experience.

“We’re kind of realistic,” Stucin said. “As much as we love Luka we know that he is not superhuman.  He is not a Superman.  It’s probably the series is over.”

But he's not giving up all hope just yet.  He'd love to see Luka and the Mavs win more games because he loves our city.

“That they come back to Dallas that would be interesting because it would mean we’d stay in Dallas for a few days more so that would be fantastic,” Stucin said.

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