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Shining a Light: Dallas Stars Community Program Spotlights Candlemaker's Dream

A Dallas Stars community support program has helped make a North Texan's dream of owning and operating a candle-making business a reality, but this isn't the only tie Brant Anderson has to Dallas's hockey team

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The Dallas Stars were a fixture in Brant Anderson's childhood family home in Mesquite.

"My father was a Dallas police officer and he worked side jobs at the American Airlines Center and Reunion Arena when the Stars first came to town," Anderson said. "I vividly remember going to games with him, being around when the Stars won the Stanley Cup. The Stars have been around in my life for a long time."

Decades later, as Brant works as a police officer in North Texas, the same Stars organization his father protected as a security guard is now shining a light on Brant's side business he hopes is about to take the next step.

"Candles," Anderson said. "A male making candles. I love it. It allows me to express my creativity, allows me to learn more about scents, fragrance and allows me to meet people and be free and explore everything."

Explore everything as Anderson launched Olphactory Candles about two years ago.

"Fragrance, jazz, music, art culture, just bring it all together," Anderson said.

Brant's passion for candles shone through in the selection process for the Dallas Stars in their community effort called the Small Business Spotlight, where the organization puts a minority-owned North Texas business on full display.

"We have a large platform and we are a very public entity that everyone recognizes, we know we can help and we know that we should," said Stars president Brad Alberts. "We're Dallas' hockey team and we want to be a great community partner."

"We are minority businesses, but at the end of the day, we're a business also," Anderson said. "We are growing just like any other business would. That they would take the time to acknowledge us, it's a great feeling."

A great feeling, as the Stars also give the selected businesses like Olphactory Candles a $5,000 grant, a high-level produced media promotion that airs during a game and on the team's social media pages, and even sends former goalie Marty Turco on-location to experience the business first-hand.

"To get in there and understand what he was doing, he had a dream and he went for it," Turco said. "I'm really proud of him."

"They showcased my business in a light that I haven't seen myself," Anderson said. "That just allows more eyes."

Feeling a lot better, and watching his business grow, Brant says his Olphactory Candles company is nearing the need to bring on additional help to keep up with orders, hoping this is just the beginning of a thriving dream, fueled by the help from the team that has been a staple in his family since he was a young child.

"It's just been a great ride and I very much appreciate the Dallas Stars Foundation," Anderson said. "They've been amazing, just amazing."

For more information on the Dallas Stars Foundation Small Business Spotlight, click here.

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