Seattle Brings Road Woes To Dallas

With a makeshift musical chairs game of an offensive line going into Dallas--and with the Cowboys' pass rush playing in the dominant fashion most expected--things were already looking grim for the Seattle Seahawks.

In a piece that ran in Wednesday's Seattle Times, Danny O'Neil summarized the team's road woes of late. When playing east of the Rockies, the article explains, Seattle has won one of its last 10 games.

Of the eight road games on Seattle's schedule this season, six will be played in either the central or eastern time zones. This may, as the title of the article suggests, be bad news for the once mighty Seahawks.

The team has surrendered 67 points in 2009 over two games on the road; at home, they've given up 52 in four games.

This isn't to say this is a hopeless task for the Seahawks. Anyone who has watched the Dallas Cowboys over the past three seasons can describe in painstaking detail the team's ability to play down to lesser opponents. And make no mistake--with apologies to the coffee sipping, plaid-clad Seattleites--the Seahawks are a lesser opponent.

The only comparable game for the Seahawks--both in opposition and in geography--came in week 4 in Indianapolis. The Colts went up 34-3 before surrendering two late, inconsequential touchdowns. These brought the final score to 34-17, which belies the ugly nature of this game.

Again, nothing is impossible, certainly not in the NFL; but with Dallas riding high, coming off a win over a group of significantly more talented birds, reversing a longstanding trend of road woes will be a staggering task for Seattle on Sunday.

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