Scandrick Risks $500,000 by No-Showing Workouts

Orlando Scandrick is staying away from Valley Ranch as he hopes to revisit his contract

By no-showing the Dallas Cowboys offseason conditioning program, cornerback Orlando Scandrick is risking $500,000--kind of.

Scandrick is unhappy with his contract, which will pay him $1.5 million in 2015--a figure that, according to the Dallas Morning News, puts him outside of the Top 50 highest paid cornerbacks in the league. Specifically, he’s tied for No. 53.

This is understandably hard to swallow for Scandrick. He’s been the Cowboys’ best and most reliable corner over the past couple seasons, yet he makes less than Morris Claiborne--who he replaced in the starting lineup in 2013, and who will make $2.6 million--and Brandon Carr, who is coming off a very disappointing 2014 but will make a base salary of $8 million next year.

So Scandrick is intent on staying away from the team, working out on his own, until the team is willing to revisit his contract. He could lose $500,000 in the short term due to a de-escalator in his contract that will come into play if he attends less than 90 percent of offseason workouts.

Of course, if the Cowboys are eventually willing to give Scandrick a raise, he’ll make that money back--meaning we’d doubt he’s fretting too much about the half million he’s risking now.

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