Scandrick Likes Getting More Money

According to a report the other day in the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Cowboys' cornerback Orlando Scandrick earned more through performance-based incentives in 2009 than anyone else on the team, via a system that rewards lower-paid players for substantial playing time.

Scandrick, a fifth round pick in 2008, has earned $306,209 in salary alone over his first two seasons in the NFL; through these performance-based incentives, he has earned an additional $431,50.

Indeed, according to the Boise State product, this "getting paid more money" thing is pretty nice.

"I still don't quite now how they come up with the number but it's a good thing," Scandrick said, per the DMN. "I'm thankful. It's always good to get extra money, especially when you're drafted lower than other guys."

Well said indeed. 

But with the seemingly increasing possibility of a lockout in 2011, Scandrick plans on being conservative with his new-found money, which is, by all accounts, a good idea; if you don't believe us, just ask MC Hammer.

"Regardless if I got this check or not over the last two seasons in base salary and signing bonus I was already financially planned for there not being a season in 2011," Scandrick said. "I was aware [the owners] opted out [of the CBA] my rookie year."

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