Roy Williams Wants You To Get Loud

If there's anything Jerry Jones loves more than football, it's the pomp and circumstance that can sometimes accompany it; Jones loaded his fancy new stadium in its debut in week two with 105,121 bodies, an NFL record.

For Sunday's Eagles game, which will decide the NFC East champion, Jones is eyeing a number, if not as impressive as 105,000, still pretty gaudy.

"We're going to have a great, great attendance and I'm not for use what the number's going to be," Jones said. "But it's going to be pushing that 1-0-0 number pretty good. That'll give us the homefield, which is a real advantage and it's real appropriate after what happened up there this time last year in Philadelphia [a 44-6 loss]."

Jones wasn't the only one around Valley Ranch with his mind on a strong homefield advantage for Sunday's game. Embattled receiver Roy Williams offered a mild critique and a challenge of sorts for fans on Wednesday: Forget the JerryTron and get loud.

"It’s not loud because the fans are sitting there watching the JumboTron, eating their popcorn, enjoying the movie on the screen until the game gets exciting at the end to where we need the fans," Williams said. "At the end, that’s when it gets really loud."

Williams, who advocates a more consistently boisterous JerryWorld, cited the Superdome as an enviable tableau of madness, worthy of re-creation in Arlington.

"You go to New Orleans, where it’s just loud the whole game until we take them out of it. Then when they got back into it, we couldn’t hear in the huddle. That’s what we need in this big stadium. You’ve got 80,000-plus fans. I understand looking at that JumboTron it gets mesmerizing, but we need them to cheer as well."

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